Friday, March 25, 2011

Restaurant Round Up: Restaurant St. Jack

So here's the thing: Eating is quite possibly my favorite thing in the whole world.  My husband Zach and I spend a ridiculous amount of time and money cooking, shopping at Farmer's Markets, participating in a local CSA, and going out to dinner.  In another, pre-Pacific University life, I even got my degree in pastry arts from the Cordon Bleu program in Portland (I make a mean chocolate chip cookie, I tell you).  This is perhaps why Portland is the perfect place for us.  The food culture here is amazing.  Let me repeat that. The food culture here is amazing.  Having moved from Los Angeles, I thought it couldn't get any better than that, but let me tell you, Portland chefs have managed to capture a certain something that I just haven't found anywhere else.

So I would be completely remiss if I didn't share some of my favorite eats with you, not only because they tell you so much about what living here is like, but also so that, if you come and visit, you take advantage of some of our delicious haunts.

Last week, Zach and I went to Restaurant St. Jack for the first time, and had a lovely time.  A french bistro-style restaurant, we were there for Happy Hour, and for only $60, were able to enjoy a cocktail each, 46cl of white wine (interestingly, they don't sell whole bottles of wine, only 46cl bottles, which is basically about 2/3 of a normal bottle- during happy hour, our 46cl bottle of a pinot gris/chardonnay blend was only $12!), the happy hour hamburger, pomme frites, an herbed goat cheese spread, some homemade salami, warm olives (charmingly served in a teacup, the saucer just perfect for the pits), and desserts (madeleines made-to-order and an absolutely delicious pistachio ice-cream). 

The ambiance was utterly relaxed and warm- candlelight, flowers, a chalkboard that listed the beers on tap... all in all, I think I can say that we will be back!

P.S.  Isn't that yellow door amazing? 

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