Thursday, April 14, 2011

Floor Hockey

Friends, Adam Reid makes me laugh. He will make you laugh too.  Read on to learn more about his experiences with Pacific's super-intense, super-competitive (ok, super-fun!) floor hockey team. 
Hello prospective students/future optometrists!

I know what you are thinking. You want nothing more than to attend optometry school. You have your application ready, your mom has read over and approved it, and you think you have a pretty good shot at getting accepted. But you know that there is just one thing missing from every school out there. You have spent your whole life training to be a floor hockey superstar, but none of the schools seem to have a floor hockey program that is on par with your abilities. Look no further! Here at Pacific, Thursday nights in the Stoller Center will be the highlight of your week (aside from your classes and labs of course). In my extensive research on the subject, (googling “optometry floor hockey”), we are the only optometry school in the history of the world to have a world class floor hockey team.
For those of you who aren’t lucky enough to have been exposed to floor hockey at a young age, it is similar to ice hockey, except instead of ice, skates and helmets, we have gym floors, running shoes and perfect hair. Every Thursday, a group of students get together, grab hockey sticks, make some teams and chase an orange ball around for an hour. We get a wide variety of skill levels, everything from a guy who has a brother in the NHL (seriously), to...well...yours truly. Everyone is welcome to attend (we are usually about half guys and half girls) and high fives are given out with impressive regularity.
The only people who aren’t permitted to attend are people who steal the ball from me. It is my ball, and I’m not afraid to take it home. So as long as you remember this simple rule, floor hockey will surely be a great addition to your optometry career.

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