Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Guest Blogger: Fran Smith, 3rd Year

Fran Smith is a current third year student.  In her time at Pacific, she has been one of five student members of the Admissions Committee.  Student members of the Admissions Committee read applications, conduct interviews, and vote.  They are highly influential.  In 2010, Fran was also selected as the Graduate Assistant in the Office of Admissions, working more closely with prospective students, arranging interview days, and much, much more.  Fran has two dogs who are adorable.  Her husband is pretty great too.

In this article, Fran mentions OptoRock.  OptoRock is the College of Optometry's annual talent show.  Both serious and non-serious acts are welcomed.  And it is a ton of fun.

When someone said that time flies faster with each successive year in graduate school – they certainly were right.  With only a month left before I start my fourth year rotation at the Salt Lake City VA, I can’t help but reflect over the past three years.  As a person that loves to keep busy, I’ve managed to do just that with my involvement in the Admissions Committee for the past two years, and more recently, as Janelle’s Graduate Assistant. 

Working with the other members of the Committee has given me so much to be thankful for. After all, how many other optometry schools can boast that their students have equal voices and voting power on which applicants get admitted?  I’ve been given the privilege of helping to decide which applicants make up the incoming class, and while doing so I’ve had the chance to get to know our wonderful faculty members, fellow students, and student services directors (not to mention the amazing applicants).  Being on the inside track to the admissions process has allowed me to develop a full appreciation for the hard work and dedication that each individual puts in.  In addition, the Committee continually strives to improve the admissions process, so ideas are brought forward at each meetings as to what we can do better or how we can change so that we continue to recruit the best future optometrists for Pacific.

After being “wowed” at the performances at OptoRock this year, I couldn’t help but reflect on the exceptional talent that was displayed by Pacific’s optometry students.  I think that the artistic and creative talent that our students showed us on Friday night is a direct reflection of the type of well-rounded, interesting, and fun students that make it through our stringent admissions criteria.  Our students have consistently rocked the national boards each year; in addition they’ve proven that they can be stars on the stage as well!

I would certainly encourage anyone interested in working with admissions to apply both for the Committee and the Graduate Assistant position.  In particular, it’s been so much fun getting to know Janelle on a personal level; she’s a multi-talented people person who can communicate as well in writing as she does in person.  She’s definitely the most laid back boss I’ve ever had – and yet she is the driving force behind Pacific’s optometry recruitment.  If anyone needs tips on how to balance work, family, and simultaneous multiple projects, just ask her!

Ahh, thanks Fran (and for all you readers out there, I swear I didn't tell her to say all those nice things). Just a reminder to prospective students- we always have a current student like Fran working in the Graduate Admissions Office, specifically to help you answer questions that require a student perspective.  Feel free to contact the Grad Assistant any time.  I also recommend contacting some of our student ambassadors.

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  1. Fran, you are an inspiration. Yes, time does fly and soon you will have your own clinic! :-) Best of luck for the remainder of your studies.