Monday, April 11, 2011

Tate is One!

Tate turned one last Wednesday (isn't he cute?)! We hosted his first birthday party on Saturday.  It was a pirate theme.  On Thursday night, I spent about 2 hours driving around the entire city looking for pirate eyepatches, to no avail.  Wouldn't you have thought your local Target would have pirate eyepatches?  Me too.

There are many, many reasons why I love working for an optometry program. But on Friday, the top reason was that I  was able to walk into the clinic and beg my way into getting 10 eyepatches (normally used for patients) for all the party attendees.
Party saved!  After all, what kind of pirate party doesn't have eye patches?

P.S.  These eyepatches were so ridiculously nice.  They were super durable and sturdy.  A couple parents even commented on the quality.  Not just your everyday party supply store eyepatches, I tell you.  These ones were professional. 

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