Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Restaurant Round-Up: Ruby Jewel

Ok, so its not a restaurant specifically.  But Ruby Jewel is a ridiculously delicious ice-cream shop, and since its summer, and I am eating ice-cream as much as possible in an effort to enjoy every second of our perfect, beautiful, 80 degree, no-humidity weather, I thought it was worth highlighting.

Ruby Jewel started out selling their ice-cream sandwiches at the Portland Farmer's Market.  After hundreds of people clamored for more, they opened up their store-front about a year ago, and all I can say is "its about time!".

Their ice-cream sandwiches are delicious.  Think honey-lavendar ice-cream with lemon cookies.  Or a dark-chocolate cookie with peanut butter ice-cream.  In short... delicious.

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