Sunday, September 11, 2011

Labor (Labour) Day Weekend

A little bit of everything . . .

For most people, the weekend is wonderful.  For optometry students, the weekend is heaven!  One reason is that it’s an opportunity to catch up on sleep, whether that means sleeping until 2 PM or going to bed early, at 8PM.  Most weekends, I try to include at least one new restaurant (or new recipe with friends), some kind of outdoor activity, and a day to sit and refuse to think about anything school related (for example catching up on movies/shows).  Often, one of these activities is replaced with studying.

A lot of us live in apartments in Forest Grove, so getting to smell the wonderful scent of BBQ’d food is just cruel since we have no backyards.  Throughout the school year, various clubs and associations will plan barbeques for the students to get together, eat and socialize.  Usually they are at one of the parks in town.  In addition, many classmates offer up their homes and backyards to invite the class to enjoy the good weather and spend some time outside.  This weekend I was forced to participate in volleyball (not my sport of choice) and a few rounds of bumper pool.  If you want to win a game of pool, I’d be happy to boost your confidence as I have yet to defeat anyone. [photos courtesy of Hayden]

 A long weekend in Oregon cannot pass without some kind of outdoor activities.  At this time of the year, the temperature has been hitting 90F every day.  We decided to take up a day hike it the Multnomah area.  This is a really popular place to hike, so it’s good to arrive early in the morning.  Multnomah Falls is the most popular destination in this area since it can easily be seen from the highway but it is extremely crowded.  There are awesome waterfalls throughout the area so definitely spend some time searching the internet if you decide to go.  We decided to hike the Wahkeena Falls loop which was extremely steep.  We practically sprinted to the top and had to take some time to rest and recover at a nearby waterfall called Fairy Falls.  [photo courtesy of Corey K]

Portland is a very vegetarian/vegan friendly place.  My classmate, being vegetarian suggested a great buffet called Sweet Tomatoes.  It was right off the freeway home, which was perfect because we couldn’t stop talking about food on the trail.  We stuffed ourselves with salad and carbs (I love carbs!).
I also recently had a craving for ice cream cake so I decided one morning to make my own.  As I loaded my cart with ingredients like oreo cookies, whipped cream, mint flavouring, fudge, and everything wonderful, I remembered what an old friend from high school would bring to our events.  His mom would make the most amazing ice cream cakes with a base of ice cream sandwiches.  The result was tasty with chocolate ganache to top it off!