Friday, November 22, 2013

PUCO Holiday Meet & Greet 2013!

It’s that time of year again, folks! The Portland weather is biting cold, snow dusts the top of Mount Hood and the city is sparkling. It is the Holiday season, and Pacific University College of Optometry has a gift for you!

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 On December 20th and December 27th, PUCO students from over 50 cities in the US and Canada are offering to grab coffee with prospective students­ at a Starbucks near the PUCO students’ location— and the coffee is on us! Link to the locations here.
Why go to a Meet & Greet? One student commented, “First, I thought it was an excellent idea for a program, and wanted to support its growth. Second, I am extremely interested in PUCO's program and LOVE coffee.... it was a perfect match. Lastly, I wanted to learn more about what it is truly like to be an optometry student. I sincerely enjoyed meeting the student, and look forward to becoming a successful optometric student myself.”

Students from past Meet & Greet sessions found the experience incredibly rewarding (not just because of the free cup of coffee!). One student said,“I was extremely impressed, and was so glad I went. It was informative, and fun. It was very nice to connect with a student and hear the positives and negatives of student life. I feel my impression of Pacific has only improved as I am very excited for the future.”

The sessions will last around an hour, getting answers to questions you have about Pacific or the profession of optometry; to talk about living in Oregon; and to share with you why they decided to come to Pacific over the other optometry schools out there. We want you to have access to all resources about Pacific, so when you choose an optometry school, you can make the choice that’s right for you!

You will have until December 4th to respond to the offer! If you have any questions regarding the Meet & Greet, feel free to contact Andrea or Abby with your questions and comments!


  1. I think that is great. Having a meet and greet with the students wanting to be an optometrist everywhere. I think the connection is a great thing to form.

  2. Thanks for the post! I know my son would love to go to school for optometry. He finds it fascinating.